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Pick my brains...

A Power Hour is a stand alone session where you'll come away with a solution to a problem - whether that's brainstorming through a particular sticking point, or tweaking your WIX / Wordpress website live on the call, getting a new logo drafted, or getting some templates created


I'll conduct the Power Hour over video call so the screen can be shared, and I'll also record the call so you can have the video to refer back to should you want to.

The price of a Power Hour is £49.

What can we talk about?

We can talk about pretty much anything but here are a few suggestions:

  • HR - we can discuss how to manage the transactional human resources aspects of being an employer - what records you should be keeping and the best way to do this, or perhaps you're looking to hire someone and need some guidance.

  • Management Information (MI) - I can help you identify what meaningful MI you need to make informed strategic decisions, and how to get it and present it effectively.

  • Systems implementation - are you bringing in a new system and not quite sure where to start?  Or have you started the process but finding it's not going as smoothly or quickly as you'd hoped?  I can help you devise a plan to keep the implementation on track and avoid common pain points.

  • Systems, tools and processes - I can help you work out which systems & tools you could use to organise your business and help it run more smoothly, or talk through processes to identify where they can be streamlined and productivity improved.

  • Wix / Wordpress - do you need a website, or need to make some changes to your current website but not sure how?  I can maybe work through some minor things with you on the call.

  • Branding - I can put together simple logos and help you set up branded templates for you.

I want to book a Power Hour now!

You can make an online booking here.  You'll need to pay a deposit to secure the time slot.