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I've got a new logo

The Office Fairy has had a makeover! Who knew a logo could cause so much excitement?

I was recently very fortunate to be introduced to Mike Grist, founder of Swim Design, and I quickly enlisted his services to give my logo a refreshing modern upgrade. Not having been through this process before (when I set up my business my logo was a piece of clip art found in the 5 minutes of madness/excitement brought about by my entrepreneurial ideas) I was immediately impressed with the effort that Mike went to, to identify what is important to me, (and my youngest daughter in this case!) in order to come up with a design that reflects my values and didn’t stray far from my original ideas. I thought I’d given him quite a difficult brief with not much wiggle room, and was pleasantly surprised with the resulting concepts.

The whole process was very in depth and the initial concepts Mike came up with triggered a full weekend of deliberations with which the whole family got involved. In essence, all the concepts were great, and it was hard to make a final choice. However, we did, and when I thought that was it, Mike improved upon it even further.

You can see the final result. I love it! It feels very grown up, and I’m on a journey now to rebrand all my letterheads and templates.

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