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Managed HR Services

As a small business you don't need a full time HR presence.  I provide a budget friendly solution and will be your HR department. Benefit from my expertise in managing your people services. 

from £3.62 /week per employee

(one-off onboarding charge of £49 applies)


What you'll get:

  • Compliant HR records

  • Starter/leaver processing

  • Employee portal through Breathe HRIS

  • Liaison with your preferred payroll provider

  • HR files audit

  • Cyclical policy review for up to 12 policies

  • Maintained templates to reflect your processes

  • HR data dashboard

  • Generalist advice and support

Shoe Repair Tools

HR Starter Toolkit

12 Essential Policies

21 Templates

Branded to compliment your business



Back Office Support

What you need.  When you need it.

Ideal for......

Growing Businesses


Busy Tradespeople


Businesses don't just run themselves.  They need a robust set of systems, processes and skills in the background to keep all the balls in the air.

I will partner with you to help you work out the best way I can support you.  I like to build long term relationships with my clients - that way you get the ongoing benefit of my skills, and I get satisfaction from making a difference.

£30 p/h PAYG

£25 p/h retained


What you'll get:

  • Simple Systems

  • Documented Processes

  • Diary / Email management

  • Financial administration

  • GDPR Compliant records

  • Excellent customer service

  • Password security

  • Confidentiality guaranteed

  • Cloud based task management tool

  • Weekly planning session

  • Website maintenance

  • Organisation

  • Benefits of my expertise without the overheads of an employee

  • Your evenings and weekends back!

Payment is 50% in advance , on a monthly basis

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