Back Office Support

What you need. When you need it.

Businesses don't just run themselves.  They need a robust set of systems, processes and skills in the background to keep all the balls in the air.

I will partner with you to help you work out the best way I can support you.  I like to build long term relationships with my clients - that way you get the ongoing benefit of my skills, and I get satisfaction from making a difference. Take a look at my retainer packages for more information.


All the services below can be stand alone or a mix of one or all.  They each cover a wide range of options, all unique to you and your business.   Book in for a FREE consultation call to discuss how we can tailor a suitable package.

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Automate & Integrate

Your systems don't have to be a headache. I love tech and I'm a bit of a whizz.


Whether it's getting your email set up correctly, designing a website in Wix or Wordpress, implementing a new system, automating processes or refreshing your social media accounts - I'm your Office Fairy!


Streamlined & Efficient

Does it feel a bit like chaos sometimes?  Sounds like you need some organisation - and I LOVE a good plan!

Streamlining processes, simplifying tasks and getting organising your space/files/thoughts are just some of the things I can offer you.

If you know you need my help, but not quite sure what that looks like exactly, book a time with me for a FREE consultation and we can figure out how I can support you.


Retainer Packages

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Up to 10 hours a month

Includes one 30 minute planning session



15 hours a month


Includes one 30 minute planning session


Invoicing for the agreed hours is on a monthly basis, payable by standing order


20+ hours a month


Includes two 30 minute planning sessions

from £440