As you landed here then you’ve probably seen or heard about My Office Fairy (or clicked on something by accident) and want to know a bit more about her.  So, welcome, it’s nice to meet you, and here’s a brief synopsis.

(If you have clicked on something by accident and have no idea what’s going on, then it’s still nice to meet you!)

I live on the South Coast with my husband, our 3 children - and I have a passion for HR and for helping businesses succeed.  After working for more than 25 years in the corporate world, I realised I can help businesses best by branching out on my own as a full time professional HR Virtual Assistant.

I started helping small businesses from my bedroom when I was 17, designing marketing fliers for a local company.  At the time I was studying Business Administration at college, and working part time in an accounts department.  I progressed to study Business Information Systems at Bournemouth University and steadily built on that, gaining experience of general administration, sales, customer service, accounts, human resources, recruitment, databases, project management, data analysis, events planning, web site design, setting up companies, compliance and marketing, to name a few areas.  I’ve been employed, across a spectrum of small businesses, educational establishments and large international companies. Throughout I’ve offered my skills to friends and acquaintances when I’ve identified they have a problem I can solve……..and thus My Office Fairy evolved.

I’m definitely a do-er.  As much as I like to relax with the family (in the garden or on the beach generally), I like to be busy at work.  I pride myself on getting things done quickly and doing things well.  My inner geek loves technology, and finding ways to automate every day activities.  Put me in front of a spreadsheet, or give me a nightmare process to simplify and I’ll be happy all day!

I’m proud to say I’m still learning.  Every day.  A client may mention something I’ve not experienced yet, so I’ll make it my mission to educate myself.  This is how I offer my clients a unique service that is totally tailored to their needs.  I have qualifications in Business, Microsoft Office and Financial Compliance.


Oh, the furry one in the picture above - that's my work buddy, Jarvis (Cocker-spaniel).  I think you have to be of a certain age to appreciate that.

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